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Thank`s to George Struikelblok, Angela Salmo and Angelika Petri for this exhibition. It was a heavy work, it is a honor for me, to be a part of this exchange. It was a very great opening in the openlucht Museum Fort new Amsterdam with the Vicepresident from Suriname and many other importend people.

Special thank´s to all Artists for helping me. Ihad have an accident with the chainsaw and many of the Artists has help me. Specially Radovan. and a very big thank you to Jim Daddy, he has helps me everytime, thank you for being here.

Dear Peter Thielen thank you for your „big pictures“.  Frank Merkseroeffung open lucht museum 058

Ausstellung 2017 UND Paramaribo 2018 566

Ausstellung 2017 UND Paramaribo 2018 752