NFoto Meltem Karakoyuname : Meltem Karakoyun Saracoglu
Place of Birth : Ankara – Türkiye
Date of Born : 07.02.1976
Art Education : 2013 -2017 Nola Hatterman Art Academy
Sana Budaya – Folk Academy Clay art 2016 – still continue
Part of any group : Member of FVAS since 2015
Work Experience : Ass teacher at G ART BLOCK 2018
Exhibition :
2018 of February’’ How to Learn Peace ‘’, Military Museum , Suriname
2018 of December Surifesta FVAS at ArtBlok expo At a good distance in 2017 Paramaribo Suriname
2017 of November ‘’Nola Hatterman Art Academy Graduation Exhibition’’ – ‘’I hate dirty politics ‘’ The Hall , Suriname

I Hate Dirty Politics
I would sit down by a river and pass all the beauties of nature to the canvas , but my inner world does not allow it! We live in a world of wars and unjustice.
It is very difficult to create beautiful works of art! Politicians are the ones that make our world irresistible
We live in a terrible world , it is very difficult to be a student of art school in this terrible world! Dirty polictics are in place in every country of the world such as , military battles , economic crises , oil and water wars , unemployment , hunger , refugee problems , clandestine games of CIA and masonic groups. The minds manipulated by the exploitation of religion and the unjustified justice system.
We ordinary people are part of all games knowingly or unknowingly.
So I hate dirty politics