Foto Mahmut Saracoglu

Mahmut Saracoglu

Name : Mahmut Saracoglu
Place of Birth : Giresun – Türkiye
Date of Birth :31.01.1968
Art Education: Sana
Budaya – Folk Academy
Clay art 2016 – still continue
Part of Any Group : Member of FVAS since 2016

What Is Art For Me:
Everything in the nature is a work of art. I start to work with clay as an hobby .
Touching clay and creat new thing became of passion for me. Then mostly I sart to work on human face sand masks . Because I attach importance to the soul and character of mankind. I believe that the real faces of people are hidden behind the masques. I think we all have one mask on our faces.
Exhibition : Sana Budaya – İndonesia Culture Night 2017