I was born 17-03- 1949 in Gdańsk, in Poland. There I finished medical
studies and specialisation as Neurologist. In the Netherlands I continued
studies and specialization as Psychiatrist.
All that time during my study, work and being a single mother, I held on
to my love for art, I followed several courses and was a frequent visitor
of art galleries. I had taken some workshops.
In 2012 I visited Suriname for the first time en in september 2013 I
moved definitely to Suriname. I still work as a psychiatrist, but only a
limited amount of hours. In october 2017 I finished my Art studies at the
Nola Hatterman academy in Paramaribo.
I had two exhibitions
– in october 2017 in “De Hal” Paramaribo
– in maart 2018 solo exhibition in the Polish Library in Amsterdam
Iwona Maria Smoktunowicz
J.B.S. Rebostraat