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Date of birth: 16.02.1976

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2016 Spontane I us, Paramaribo, Suriname

2015 Tembe fu libi (Moengo-Festival of Visual Arts 2015, Moengo

2014 National Exhibition of Suriname 2014

2013 National Exhibition of Suriname 2013

2013 „Art Boost“ Paramaribo, Suriname

Projects with FVAS

2015 Pikin slee – Paramaribo – the Netherlands connection. During this project there were three goals

1. An educational vacation program for primary school children, concerning a clean environment. This part in which about 200 children participated and lasted 5 days was under my guidance.

2. Workshops with Totomboti (A group of sculptors in wood) The accent was laid on making portraits in wood)

3. Workshops with Fiti A Wan (A group of women of the sewing club) We put up a bag line with them. These bags have traditional crochet and fasteners from seeds found in their direct environment.

The project ended with an exhibition where the results were presented.

2014 Giant Painting. Thirty artist of the FVAS made a painting together for our national Johan Adol Pengel Airport.

2012 Decorating clay pots

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